Under the High Patronage of
    Mr Emmanuel MACRON
    President of the French Republic

    An event

    For the second time, Expertise France is bringing together the international technical cooperation community for a major online event, the International cooperation conference: a programme to debate the renewal of international cooperation in order to build a sustainable world by sharing our know-how. The event will bring together a panel of high-level speakers (institutions and administrations, international organisations, NGOs, civil society actors and field workers) on stage from Paris but also in duplex and on video from several countries.

    TUESDAY 25



    LIVE FROM Paris



    french hours

    The event
    will be broadcast here and
    on our social networks.
    Bilingual event with English subtitles
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    As a public agency and part of the AFD Group, Expertise France is a major stakeholder in international technical cooperation. It sets up and implements projects strengthening public policies in developing and emerging countries. Governance, security, climate, health, education… Expertise France takes action on key areas of sustainable development and contributes alongside its partners, to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

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